She walks in beauty.

“She walks in beauty.”

The stars never shone so brightly

on the black dress that clung to her so well,

Byron would waver, a face so flushed with passion

full of life and love

and love I had never felt before flitted before my eyes

like starlight.

A woman like a treasure, a girl like a jewel,

Precious and true and never too rue-

Full of bliss and innocence untouched.

Dare I trespass onto her Garden of Eden? Never,

The honour was not bore unto me

only fools trespass on private property, no,

Crooks, Fiends, Criminals…

Panicked I rose,

And brought myself closer to keep watch.

The demons were discreet in the candle light-

I hoped they would burn with her luminescence.

Pure of heart; crackling under her intense gaze

I fell into a daze, a haze of ecstasy.

From the gold and silver,

The only colour that night was her.

A murky void brought to light was only emptiness;

Purified by her holy light;

Did I discover the broken husk of my former being?

The candle flickers with her fleeting gaze,

Beauty to behold; royalty.

Her gentle form danced through the black night,

Haunted by ghouls.

Her dark gaze fell once upon my features,

And shifted once more.

Raven tresses held by golden wings,

The only beauty worth more

than just a simple dance,

To give my time would be a pleasure,

To listen to the harmony of her voice fill the air.

A blessing, this beauty in the night

yet never were we to ever meet again.

The moonlight lit her exit and the stars were her only guide.


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