There’s nothing more destructive than comparison. It’s not simply the guns, the alcohol, the drugs or the power. It’s the words that we string together to create sentences…An ability we learned at a young age. It’s ironic.

Sometimes I wonder what life would be like if we could not speak, if we could not utter disturbia and just let the wind carry peace. To express emotions, we could draw…Make music using objects (like we already do)…use our faces to show it…And instead of speaking, we would write.

But even that would destroy itself. Those who draw better would become elite, the “true” artists, the “real” musicians and the “genuine” writers. And what about those who didn’t fall into these titles, you ask? Well…some find their own way while others fall. No world we can imagine will be perfect because the beings that inhabit it are not. We are flawed, we are human.

People use that phrase to “praise” those that we admire because we want to bring them down to Earth, where we can stand eye to eye with them. So we don’t feel so inferior. Why do we have to say these things to these people? They too, are human like us yet we raise them up to be deities and then regret these actions and try to bring them down again. We destroy ourselves. We create these problems ourselves without even realising the consequence. Perhaps, we are indeed the problem.

Comparison is a greedy goblin that lives in all of us, even those we deemed to be pure. We want to be just as good as that person or just as beautiful. We want what we cannot have or maybe it’s acceptance. We want it because we cannot accept the fact that we were made different. We’re not made like cupcakes in an oven because we were born, brought into this world by those adults that have seen it all, and want your life to be different. To have a life of peace, not suffering.

It’s hard not to compare. There is so much out there that melts your beliefs, your confidence and your sanity. So many ideas of beauty that you don’t know which you want, which you have or which to even follow. So many opinions that you shouldn’t need to consider because the opinion that should matter to you is really your own. Maybe such a thought is considered a little trite but it is true. You are your mind’s own maker and your own destroyer. You may not be the true creator of your form but you are the one who leads it – to live or to die. The paths are laid out for you albeit hidden by smog and litter, but they are there for your choosing, for your judgement. Your choice to follow blindly in the shadows of those you believe are gods is your own and perhaps when you step back into your own shadow, you’ll realise that those giant shadows are only the shadows of others doing the same joined together to form a misconception, all following their supposed leader to oblivion. You can choose to leave. The choice is yours after all.

Don’t follow the path of warriors, they fought to end the fight, not let you continue it. Don’t let the goblin win.


4 thoughts on “Comparison.

  1. Oh so true!! I’ve heard the phrase, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” It really is. I fall into the trap far more than I’d like, but thankfully not as often as I used to.

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