My love.

Everything drove me insane.

Her luscious brown hair which was carried by the gentle breeze away to oblivion, her brown eyes that lured you into its velvety embrace, her olive skin so smooth to touch and so deep a colour and lastly, her lips which were a vibrant red, standing out against the rest of her features. Everything about her was beautiful. She was everything I had ever wanted.

But that was simply the surface, and I let myself explore the depths of her soul. Her mind was unbound by any borders, and her curiosity spread like perfume. It was fascinating, she made life interesting. No person she passed was left without a smile and I let such joy melt my heart. I felt myself form a smile of my own to accompany hers. We fit like a jigsaw puzzle and my shallow perception of her was put to rest and I no longer praised her only for her appearance but for her character. It was as though she was sculpted by God himself, and raised by the goddesses that watched us from the sky. So perfect, so inhuman. She was everything I had ever wanted.

I couldn’t stop myself. I had to know everything about her. I had to make her smile, laugh and happy. I never wanted to see her cry. I don’t think I could bear such a sight, my beautiful love broken down. I vowed to never let trivial matters come between us, she did the same. I had never been so happy in ages; she repeated the words back to me without missing a beat. I was convinced we were fated to meet. I was convinced that we walked to the same melody. Yet again, she repeated the same words to me. Joy, happiness, elation, excitement…None of these words could possibly contain what I felt for her. My one love, my wife…She was everything I had ever wanted and more.


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