Inspired by the comic book friendship of Charles and Erik…I thought I’d take a stab at writing something along those lines. There are similarities and I blame my uncreative mind for those flaws. … More Friendship.


I am.

I am human, I have thoughts that affect my feelings, I am afraid, I am angry, I am frustrated, I am sad, I am alone and afraid, because my thoughts affect my feelings.


Originally posted on Diary of a Married Woman:
thoughts flitter wicked twitching momentum gaining time’s bewitching hands bending ticks taunting face’s glaring tocks a’haunting quickly slipping consuming blackness self-made funnel symphonic madness rabbit hole voice’s rotten where’d I go? self forgotten ~photo credit


Between the breaths of silence that seeped its way past us, creating a small invisible barrier as if it were a sign of what was inevitable. It needed to happen, we weren’t entirely when but it needed to stop. There was an urge to step forward but dark eyes stared up at me as if … More Prey.