Dream Monologue.

Dreams? What are dreams? Well, dreams are usually your deepest or darkest secrets…Or sometimes even your private fantasies. Within your dreams, you could travel between the two realms of reality…Or even beyond that. Sometimes dreams could be a harmony between the two sides of one person, one good and one bad reacting with one another to create something magical…Or even cynical. And that’s where nightmares originate. It’s hard to say whether one can escape from a nightmare, like how it is easy to let a dream slip away from your fingertips, but one thing is for certain…A nightmare will always live in the shadows of a dream. Butterflies can turn into bats, flowers into weeds and love into hate within seconds. And that, my friends, is where I come in.

I was the shadow of everybody’s dream…An unlit trap made by reality and the dark side of a dream. No one noticed my presence; no one even called my name. People passed by me like I was air, not the chasm that would bring all hope into a chaos of panic and fear. No one batted an eyelid at the orphan who sat at the back of the room. But that’s the standard attitude. We all live in a battle for survival, it’s no wonder how we all keep from ripping each other into shreds…Like paper. Paper so delicate and wondrous…But so dangerous at the same time. One second it could sit upon the table in a quiet moment, before slitting your hand in a sharp movement. That’s what people are…What we are. We all live in quiet solitude before making a move. Some are not as subtle as others, however, and make their moves too early…And so, that’s how one ends up with a prison sentence. Any hope for them can be lost at that moment, and there I stand in their shadow, watching…Always watching.

Foolish children. They weave in and out of your feet like rats scurrying around for food. Rats are like a disease, and so are children. They’re unnecessary. They cry, they whine and they beg…Everywhere they go and anywhere they go. It would be a miracle if someone got rid of them…But that person wouldn’t be rewarded for their efforts so it’s a waste of time, really. This world believes in the wrong kind of justice…Innocence can be easily tainted and manipulated at will while menace is its own character. It’s already warped to a certain form that can’t be changed…It can’t be taught things that it already knows. It’s an empty glass, not a full one. But that’s the problem…The uniqueness of a person’s darkness is what scares people, they like the dim-witted more than the ones that can hold their own. Fools that don’t play with a full deck are the ones that get caught up in things the most, that, everyone should know by now.

The world just didn’t understand that evil can perish just as easily as the innocent can. The names I had recognised on the news as a potential threat to me were surprising to those who assumed otherwise. Authors, news broadcasters, journalists…All of these people were to be suspicious of. I had planned everything accordingly, but they were the biggest obstacle. They would rush over here like a swarm of bees, and they would nit-pick at everything, questioning anything. I would have to answer questions as to why I was the only one left. The only girl left in the room alive, while my classmates had died in a tragic ‘accident’. Could I say that I wasn’t in that day? But they would question where I was. At home? Perhaps. Away? Yes. What were you doing? I was busy. Busy doing what? Busy with my planned out massacre, of course. But they wouldn’t believe something so outrageous…So preposterous. Because no one ever blames what’s in front of them, they blame the things that are far away and unreachable. That’s my advantage. The focus is not entirely on me but on someone or something else. A person in the wrong place at the wrong time. A vehicle I could use in my power and my greed for spilt blood. A blatant fool who was used for the greater good…For a future I can finally come closer to.

There in the void that intended to be my prison was a spark. I can finally escape from here and fulfil my wish. A wish that took me years to develop. A wish to destroy the evil and sin of a race that didn’t fulfil its duty quick enough. People would call my actions ‘playing God’. I don’t agree. I’m not playing God…I am God. I decide what lives and what dies. Be it my beloved future kin or the people I had met on the days I had escaped hell. I will take what is mine and leave the rest…I will take the souls of a dying race and leave their carcasses to rot in the decay. I call it Death, and in many cases, it happens all the time. …I had always been told that I had a strange fetish for death…Now I can tell why. I get this…adrenaline from it all. It’s satisfying…I enjoy slaughter. There is a method to my madness, but I won’t share for I fear for those who seek to steal my thunder…I won’t let it happen so easily. I planned this since the ends of my high school life…I had skipped the massacre of my class and moved it to something more extraordinary. I moved it to the sickly human race that I unfortunately belong to. I intend to take away their meaning of life and replace it with a constant fear of oppression. Their sense of belonging will perish along with their forsaken husks that they had once taken refuge. I will crush all five senses in a continuous mental ambush. I’ll crush everything in my path to righteousness. I won’t let anyone get in my way. I am the nightmare that hides in your dream.


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