Imagine…A piece based on the concept of humans and tragedy through the thoughts of an idle girl. … More Imagine.



Pristine. Pure. Untouchable. Hidden behind drapes and sheltered by shadows. Untouched by sin and traced by virtue. Should the wind blow fast and dry, the drapes flutter open and close with deliberate languor, as if awoken by the whispers of the sky. Beyond the pearlescent cloak was silence; a stillness that felt irksome, unnatural and … More Shroud.


The rain began to fall as soon as the sun started to rise, rubbing out the glory of the day slowly and surely as the dark clouds took charge of the sky. I shifted in the comfort of my bed, watching as the raindrops hit my window in a sad melody, as if it were … More Diminuendo.


You can’t change time, time changes you. So I let the darkness consume me until I was nothing but rot and decay.