Dearest Scarlett.

Indescribable beauty, wondrous spirit.
Scarlett, O’ dearest Scarlett.
We praise thee. … More Dearest Scarlett.



The connection is finished and the legion grows. … More Legion.

Be well.

I’m on my way towards acceptance now. I never disagreed with your choice but it was a hard one to come to terms with. I don’t blame you, I never will. I miss you, and that’s never going to change. … More Be well.


To thank Kim Jong-Hyun for his hard work. I dedicate this work to him and also to others who suffer from depression or mental illness to know I support you. Also to you Zeynep, I dedicate a part of this to you. Thank you for living. Thank you for everything. … More Jonghyun.


The sun begins to set, casting an amber glow into the house. It was a welcoming sight and cast a nostalgic atmosphere that alight a flame of remembrance in even the dullest objects in the house. It looked ‘lived-in’, whatever that meant, and surely every house was ‘lived-in’ as each step into the house revealed … More Departure.