Oh beautiful snow flower, what new fruits will you sow? … More Seasons.


Be well.

I’m on my way towards acceptance now. I never disagreed with your choice but it was a hard one to come to terms with. I don’t blame you, I never will. I miss you, and that’s never going to change. … More Be well.


To thank Kim Jong-Hyun for his hard work. I dedicate this work to him and also to others who suffer from depression or mental illness to know I support you. Also to you Zeynep, I dedicate a part of this to you. Thank you for living. Thank you for everything. … More Jonghyun.


The sun begins to set, casting an amber glow into the house. It was a welcoming sight and cast a nostalgic atmosphere that alight a flame of remembrance in even the dullest objects in the house. It looked ‘lived-in’, whatever that meant, and surely every house was ‘lived-in’ as each step into the house revealed … More Departure.


When you spend the entire day waiting on one person, focusing your time and energy on a life that isn’t yours…that is when you realise that you’re forgetting to live your own. It only took one person to do that to me today, to make me realise that there are other people in my life … More Patience.